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2951-316. 2957 Florida Statutes. HSMV 83390 10/14 Telephone Number www. flhsmv.gov PROVISIONS OF LAW Section 316. Form HSMV 83390 Application for Sunscreening Medical Exemption accurately completed including the Physician s Statement of Certification which must be completed and signed by one of the following authorities B. STATE OF FLORIDA DIVISION OF MOTORIST SERVICES 2900 Apalachee Parkway MS 72 Neil Kirkman Building - Tallahassee FL 32399-0620...
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) Driver License or ID Card # 2) Mailing Address 3) Phone Number of Driver License or ID Card# or ID Card Mailing Address Phone# Name of Driver Medical Exemptee Name of the Person(s) Appearing with Patient Medical Exemption Certificate Number of Patient Certificates* First, Middle, and Last Name of the Patient Medical Exemption Certificate Number of Patient Certificates* 1) Last Name 2) First Name 3) Middle Name 4) Middle Name 5) First and Last Name 6) Medical Exempt Patient's Signature* PLEASE NOTE: For all purposes, and except as otherwise permitted or required by law, this form is provided by the Division of Motor Vehicle ("DMV") for use in obtaining a physician/patient/exemption certificate. The use of this form is entirely voluntary. You may obtain documentation by contacting an attorney listed on page 14, which is NOT an advertisement. You are not required to use this form for all medical appointments held by your physician. However, the documentation is required if you wish to do business with a medical provider who does not normally provide medical records, nor do they allow a signature to be taken by the patient.<|endoftext|>This weekend, President Trump gave a speech in Warsaw, Poland, addressing "Russia's aggression!" There was the usual Trumpian blustery blather — which made it impossible for me to hear his key points without rolling my eyes: But the speech itself came and went in a flash. It seemed as if Trump had said all he needed to say. The Warsaw audience cheered and chanted his name. Trump responded to the applause with a grin, "Thank you!" So now, a few days later, a few days before his trip to Saudi Arabia, the president returns to the issue of his former national security adviser Michael Flynn and the potential crimes he may be facing. This is the man who is alleged to have discussed with the Russians sanctions in exchange for lifting them. Why does Trump have to return to Flynn, an issue so clearly out of his control? After all, the White House is in the hands of a competent man named Rex H. Tillerson. Who is there? Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is the most competent member of the Trump team on Russia and Middle East policy. In the eyes of the Trump administration, Secretary Tillerson is the man to stand by as the administration deals the next day with Flynn. Secretary Tillerson was in the
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Hey guys welcome back to fixing it, and today we're gonna talk about how to get legal window tint in New Jersey so guys every state has different laws regarding window tint some states let you go 35 percent on the state lets you go 50 percent or there's 20 percent whatever in New Jersey you could have whatever you want in the back but in the front window you can't have anything at all, and I think New Jersey is one of three states that it's like that in New Hampshire and Vermont also you can have any window tint and the front windows now they do this for safety reasons you know they say the dark tanzanite you can't see, and it increases the accidents, but the main reason is years ago a state trooper and New Jersey got shot and the guy shot through the window the trooper couldn't see them, so they made the law where you can't have any you can't have any window tint in the front windows, but you could have as dark as you want in the back windows which makes no sense to me because somebody in a back seat could still shoot through there, so I'm going to show you what you have to do to get legal window tint on the front okay first thing you got to do is go to the motor-vehicle website and fill out a form okay now this form you could just go WWF MVC gov, or you could just google there you could just put in NJ window tint or NJ Sun screening, and it will come up okay, so you go in there you print out the form let me show you what the form looks like this is a form you have to print and fill out it's called application for Sun screening, and it comes with instructions the whole process is really simple you're going to fill this form out first step indicate whether is initial over new second step is the vehicle information third step is your own information and then the fourth step has to be filled out by adopter now I don't know if any doctor could do this I think II chance, but I took this to my eye doctor he filled it out signed it and then gave me a prescription for the window tint you're going to take the prescription and just fill that form send it to motor vehicle, and they're going to send back this just as the notice authorizing you to have the tent now if you ever get pulled over you could just show this to the police officer, and you're good to go now this is only good for sixty days okay within the sixty days you have to get this other form filled out and this form gets filled out by a licensed installer, and it's only seven of them in the whole state of New Jersey so if you don't have tenth in the front windows right now you could just go to them, they're going to put on whatever legal tent they have and fill this out, and you're good to go if you already have tenth in the front windows chances are they're going to rip that off and put on whatever they say is legal okay and then fill this out you're going to take this back to motor vehicle motor vehicles going to send you if permanent one of these that's good for four years now it's not...
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